Flexible packaging is being used in nearly all industries to provide innovative, safe and value-based solutions.

Markets we serve include:

  •     Dairy/Cheese
  •     Snack Foods
  •     Dried Fruits & Nuts
  •     Pet Foods & Treats
  •     Meats
  •     Protein Powders
  •     Baking Mixes
  •     Breads & Cereals
  •     Coffee & Tea
  •     Grains & Rice
  •     Condiments (Dry & Liquid)
  •     Candy & Confectionary
  •     Fresh & Frozen Goods
  •     Household Goods
  •     Industrial & Pharmaceutical
  •     Vitamins & Supplements
  •     Hunting & Fishing Supplies
  •     Lawn Care & Hardware
  •     Electronics
  •     Cookies, Pastry & Bakery Items


Roll Stock

Surface printed and reverse trapped/laminated

Bags & Stand Up Pouches

Lamination (Solvent-less)

Used for a wide range of applications particularly to increase OTR and MTVR (Oxygen and moisture transfer rates). Specialized lamination including but not limited to printed film/paper for microwave use.

Custom Slitting & Rewinding

Printing Capability

Process printing capable up to 10 colors


We offer a wide array of substrates including 84AOH, ASBX, BON, Co-Ex, CPP, Foil, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Metalized Film (MetPet), Nylon, OPP, Paper, Paper/Poly/Foil/Poly, PET, Polyethylene, Polyester, Polypropylene, PVDC Coated, Saran coated and more.

Custom Hand-Made Mock Ups

Need a prototype to meet with potential buyers? We can help.

Design & Pre-Press

Our talented Design & Structure Team can help you engineer pouches and roll-stock specifically designed for your products. Ultimate Flex utilizes our G7 certified in-house pre-press department thus streamlining the plate making process providing less hassle for you along with faster delivery times.

100% Full Time Web Inspection

AVT's combined solution of process control and quality assurance provides 100% inspection alongside a pro


We believe in the environment and are willing to make the extra  effort to provide a green manufacturing process. Taking this water based  approach is more expensive but Ultimate Flex believes that the  environment is worth it. By not having to burn off VOCs, we are saving  precious natural gas. We keep the air clean and recycle our waste.

Water based printing and solvent-less lamination not only protect  the taste and flavor profile of what they package, but are the best  options for reducing our environmental impact and preserving our  environment.